Saturday, January 22, 2011


Just touching base here. Have been working on a post about various addons I would suggest as well as the tutorials for them. At the moment I am working on the video tutorials for them. Something I have to say is new to me and is a little weird to here myself explaining stuff in a video. Anyways doing my best and hopefully will be able to get the post up soon. No exact time frame but if getting all the videos done starts to take to long I will break the addon post into multiple to at least get somethings up here.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conclave of Wind

Tonight we downed Clonclave of Wind. We had our first attempts on it last week and we finished our night with 2 1% wipes... Yes 2 of them.. But tonight we 1 shotted it.
A complete list of the councils abilities can be found here -
I figured I would put down our guilds strat we used to down them.
Our Group Make Up:
Tanks - DK(myself) , Warrior
Healers - 2 Holy Pallies , 1 Resto Druid
DPS - Hunter(survival), Rogue(Assassination), Shaman(Ele), Mage(Fire) and Priest (Shadow)

Only Anshal and Nezir need to be tank. Rohash only needs a Healer and 1 or 2 ranged dps.

Setup - We put our Ele Shaman and our Resto Druid on Rohash. We put the druid there because when Rohash uses his Special Ability only instant cast spells can be used. Please note that at all times there has ton be at least 1 person on each platform or else they will begin channeling a ability that will likely wipe the raid within a matter of seconds. Continuing we started myself (DK Tank) 1 Healer and all DPS on Anshal. And the other tank and last healer started on Nezir. This is the pull setup.

Note - All Bosses have to die within 1 Minute of each other or they will rez each other

The Fight- Phase 1
Anshal - Anshal is where most of the fights dps happens and this is because he is the boss that heals during the fight. Whoever tanking is tank him must keep him moving from the green circles... Once he spawns his adds get your tank to quickly pick them up if you have a hunter or Assassination Rogue with Deadly Brew get them to Fan or trap the adds so they are slowed that way your tank can kite them after gaining initial threat. The boss will keep putting down green healing circles that will also heal the adds to. So you need make sure the adds are kite out of them too.

Nezir - Nezir is the easiest to deal with as all he does is a Frost Cone Dmg ability at the tank and places frost patches that are easier to move out of.. The only thing that makes him a pain is the Frost Resistant debuff he puts on anyone on his platform which is why were going to be doing tank swaps which ill go over later.

Rohash - I have not been on his platform during any fight yet but it is the easiest platform. Just stay out of the tornadoes and watch out for his wind blast ability. You need to stay ahead of it.

Phase 2 - When the bosses Energy Reaches 90 they will begin channeling their Special Ability. This is where your group needs to be in tune. Here are the moves that have to happen at 80 Energy
1. ALL DPS and the Tank and Healer from Anshal move to Nezir.
2. Tank and Healer from Nezir move to Anshal
3. Healer on Rohash stays put by himself.

All possible people that can go will go to Nezir because his Special Ability damage is divided by the people on his platform. This also allows the group to gain ground on the health bar of Nezir.
Tank and Healer that were on Nezir need to get off because of their debuff they have gotten through phase 1. Once on Anshal's Platform he will be channeling a heal on himself. Takes this moment to heal the tank up. Once Anshal is done his channel he will also have a major damage buff. Your tank will need to blow a good CD for it.

Once all specials are done all DPS back to their initial platforms. Tank and Healers stay where they are at until the next special ability.

Keep doing this till Anshal and Rohash are about to die. Try to kill them at the same time then everyone jumps to Nezir pop Hero and blow him up. You have 1 minute after the first Boss dies to kill Nezir. So it is very important to have good communication with your group members so the kill shot. Not they are considered dead at 50k health not 0.

The Fight seems complicated but after seeing it and doing it a couple times its actually fairly straight forward.
Good Luck and I will try and FRAPS our next kill and post it here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Terminology and Thing to Know

First things first. Here is a list of all the common abbreviations for DKs. If I have missed some please reply with them.. These will also be posted at the beginning of all my spec posts.

IT - Icy Touch
PS - Plague Strike
BS - Blood Strike
SS - Scourge Strike
OB - Obliterate
DS - Death Strike
DC - Death Coil
FS - Frost Strike
UB - Unholy Blight
HB - Howling Blast
HS - Heart Strike
HoW - Horn of Winter
AotD - Army of the Dead
Pest - Pestilence
BT - Blood Tap
RP - Runic Power

UP - Unholy Presence
FP - Frost Presence
BP - Blood Presence
Add an I to the previous 3 for Improved versions

BB - Blood Boil
ERW - Empowered Rune Weapon
DRW - Dancing Rune Weapon
VotTW - Veteran of the Third War
BcB - Blood Caked Blade
AMS - Anti-Magic Shield
DG - Death Grip
IBF - Icebound Fortitude
AMS - Anti-Magic Shield
AMZ - Anti-Magic Zone
Mot FW - Might of the Frozen Waste
MF - Mind Freeze
DSim - Dark Simulacrum
SF - Scarlet Fever

I'm sure I have missed some. Please feel free to comment with them and I will add them.

Runes and How they Work
For the very new players Runes are the main resources of us Death Knights. We have 3 sets, Blood, Frost, and Unholy. Most of our hard hitting abilities will you these runes. The rest of our abilities are either powered by Runic Power, we gain this through talents and abilities.
For a more detailed explanation on the runes and how exactly they work here is a useful link to wowwiki.

Managing these runes now is alot easier then it was pre-cata. In my next post I will go over some of the Addons best used to keep track of the Runes and Runic Power. As well as other addons I use to make my life a lot easier.

I need to go for now but I will update this post with more things to know about DKs

Thanks for Reading!

A little About me

This being my first blogging experience I figured I'd take this as a opportunity to tell you a little about me and what I hope to achieve with this blog.

First off I will start by saying that this blog is inspired by Skeleton Jack (SJ). Most people who play Death Knights since WotLK have either heard or have read SJ. If you haven't well he is a blogger as well who centered his blogging around DK information and helping the DK community with good information. What I liked about his blog the most is he wasn't Elitist. He would give advice, but would always state that his information was "The All, and All". Skeleton Jack has recently quit World of Warcraft which kinda sparked my interest in starting this blog. I don't in no way intend to try and fill his boots but i hope to contribute to the DK community. For those of you who want to know more about SJ you can visit him at

I started WoW in Vanilla as a Priest a few months before The Burning Crusade. Played a Priest all through TBC doing some of the raids and then doing a lot of PVP as the content began to tire. At the end of TBC i leveled an Enhancement Shaman with the intent of making him my main. It was the fast paced melee style of play that i liked about the Shaman.I never had the intent on playing a DK as I like many others did not want to hope on the bandwagon of the new class. One of my long time WoW friends "Medic" had started to play a Death Knight and he was telling me about how awesome they were. Well I need to see this awesomeness. So I created one and was instantly hooked. The fact that they were OP at the time also was fun. I luckily got to level my DK during the OP days where Unholy Blight was an AoE dot, and pretty much everything else hit like a truck. My Dk's name at the time was "Arthasol". Now before I get flamed about that name I have to let everyone know I in no way named it after "Arthas". It was actually a complete accident. I haven't till recently been into much of the lore in WoW so when I was making that name I really had no clue Lich King was "Prince Arthas". Yes yes you can laugh at me for that lack of common knowledge lol.. Anyways I've always like to choose unique and fun names and Arthasol was in my mind unique (till i got flamed weekly in game). It was also suppose to be pronounced Are - ThaSoul. Anyways enough about my scrub name choice. I leveled very quickly a soon joined a Raiding guild with a bunch of RL Friends. This is where I took an interest in the mechanics and knowledge about my class, rather than be a mindless button masher like others. Anyways I raided with this guild up until Ulduar where things kinda fell apart and I decided to transfer servers with a RL Friend and join the guild I am in now "Insanity Inc" on Staghlem. I also too this opportunity to rename my DK Thanatøs. Here I had to prove myself which I did and earn a raid spot with "Insanity Inc" and am currently still with them.

When I started raiding I was Unholy Speced. Since then I have played Diseaseless Blood, DW Frost (32/39 baby!!). I've have played and taken the time to learn all the different specs and cookie cutters we have had since our release. Though I have always gone back to Unholy. Just before the end of WotLK our guild lost a couple of out Main Tanks so I was asked to step in as I had collected quite the nice Tank set. Reluctantly I did so. I really did not enjoy tanking much at all until the pre-cata patch where Blood was made "The" Tank Spec. And now i am a full time Main Tank for the guild and love it!. That being said this blog will have information on all specs, But most of the posts on encounters and such I have experienced will be from a tank perspective.

Lastly I will include this disclaimer about this blog. I in no way know everything about Death Knights nor am I an Elitist that uses napkin math to make every decision in my game play. If Min/Max Numbers are what you are looking for then please visit . It is a great site and I frequently visit it for detailed explanations. My intend here is to give the casual reader/player information that can make he/she a better player. As well as to give my 2 cents.

Well I think i have gone on enough about myself and what brings me here. I hope that over time this blog can be seen as a good place for DK.

Here the armory link to Thanatos -

Thanks for Reading!