Saturday, January 8, 2011

Terminology and Thing to Know

First things first. Here is a list of all the common abbreviations for DKs. If I have missed some please reply with them.. These will also be posted at the beginning of all my spec posts.

IT - Icy Touch
PS - Plague Strike
BS - Blood Strike
SS - Scourge Strike
OB - Obliterate
DS - Death Strike
DC - Death Coil
FS - Frost Strike
UB - Unholy Blight
HB - Howling Blast
HS - Heart Strike
HoW - Horn of Winter
AotD - Army of the Dead
Pest - Pestilence
BT - Blood Tap
RP - Runic Power

UP - Unholy Presence
FP - Frost Presence
BP - Blood Presence
Add an I to the previous 3 for Improved versions

BB - Blood Boil
ERW - Empowered Rune Weapon
DRW - Dancing Rune Weapon
VotTW - Veteran of the Third War
BcB - Blood Caked Blade
AMS - Anti-Magic Shield
DG - Death Grip
IBF - Icebound Fortitude
AMS - Anti-Magic Shield
AMZ - Anti-Magic Zone
Mot FW - Might of the Frozen Waste
MF - Mind Freeze
DSim - Dark Simulacrum
SF - Scarlet Fever

I'm sure I have missed some. Please feel free to comment with them and I will add them.

Runes and How they Work
For the very new players Runes are the main resources of us Death Knights. We have 3 sets, Blood, Frost, and Unholy. Most of our hard hitting abilities will you these runes. The rest of our abilities are either powered by Runic Power, we gain this through talents and abilities.
For a more detailed explanation on the runes and how exactly they work here is a useful link to wowwiki.

Managing these runes now is alot easier then it was pre-cata. In my next post I will go over some of the Addons best used to keep track of the Runes and Runic Power. As well as other addons I use to make my life a lot easier.

I need to go for now but I will update this post with more things to know about DKs

Thanks for Reading!

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