Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conclave of Wind

Tonight we downed Clonclave of Wind. We had our first attempts on it last week and we finished our night with 2 1% wipes... Yes 2 of them.. But tonight we 1 shotted it.
A complete list of the councils abilities can be found here - http://www.wowwiki.com/Conclave_of_Wind
I figured I would put down our guilds strat we used to down them.
Our Group Make Up:
Tanks - DK(myself) , Warrior
Healers - 2 Holy Pallies , 1 Resto Druid
DPS - Hunter(survival), Rogue(Assassination), Shaman(Ele), Mage(Fire) and Priest (Shadow)

Only Anshal and Nezir need to be tank. Rohash only needs a Healer and 1 or 2 ranged dps.

Setup - We put our Ele Shaman and our Resto Druid on Rohash. We put the druid there because when Rohash uses his Special Ability only instant cast spells can be used. Please note that at all times there has ton be at least 1 person on each platform or else they will begin channeling a ability that will likely wipe the raid within a matter of seconds. Continuing we started myself (DK Tank) 1 Healer and all DPS on Anshal. And the other tank and last healer started on Nezir. This is the pull setup.

Note - All Bosses have to die within 1 Minute of each other or they will rez each other

The Fight- Phase 1
Anshal - Anshal is where most of the fights dps happens and this is because he is the boss that heals during the fight. Whoever tanking is tank him must keep him moving from the green circles... Once he spawns his adds get your tank to quickly pick them up if you have a hunter or Assassination Rogue with Deadly Brew get them to Fan or trap the adds so they are slowed that way your tank can kite them after gaining initial threat. The boss will keep putting down green healing circles that will also heal the adds to. So you need make sure the adds are kite out of them too.

Nezir - Nezir is the easiest to deal with as all he does is a Frost Cone Dmg ability at the tank and places frost patches that are easier to move out of.. The only thing that makes him a pain is the Frost Resistant debuff he puts on anyone on his platform which is why were going to be doing tank swaps which ill go over later.

Rohash - I have not been on his platform during any fight yet but it is the easiest platform. Just stay out of the tornadoes and watch out for his wind blast ability. You need to stay ahead of it.

Phase 2 - When the bosses Energy Reaches 90 they will begin channeling their Special Ability. This is where your group needs to be in tune. Here are the moves that have to happen at 80 Energy
1. ALL DPS and the Tank and Healer from Anshal move to Nezir.
2. Tank and Healer from Nezir move to Anshal
3. Healer on Rohash stays put by himself.

All possible people that can go will go to Nezir because his Special Ability damage is divided by the people on his platform. This also allows the group to gain ground on the health bar of Nezir.
Tank and Healer that were on Nezir need to get off because of their debuff they have gotten through phase 1. Once on Anshal's Platform he will be channeling a heal on himself. Takes this moment to heal the tank up. Once Anshal is done his channel he will also have a major damage buff. Your tank will need to blow a good CD for it.

Once all specials are done all DPS back to their initial platforms. Tank and Healers stay where they are at until the next special ability.

Keep doing this till Anshal and Rohash are about to die. Try to kill them at the same time then everyone jumps to Nezir pop Hero and blow him up. You have 1 minute after the first Boss dies to kill Nezir. So it is very important to have good communication with your group members so the kill shot. Not they are considered dead at 50k health not 0.

The Fight seems complicated but after seeing it and doing it a couple times its actually fairly straight forward.
Good Luck and I will try and FRAPS our next kill and post it here.

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